Apply wax over chalk paint with rag

You may have heard about the use of wax over chalk paint. We spend a lot of money on paint. Proper care can save your paint. The best way to protect the paint is waxing. Now we discuss about how to wax chalk paint with a rug. It is quite the cheapest way to protect your paint from scratches. There are multiple benefits of applying the wax. It saves time, money, and effort. You don’t have to hire any professional person to do the task. You can wipe the wax from the surface and let it dry. It will work.

Is waxing over chalk paint necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. If you don’t have a coating over the paint, you’ll face many problems. For example, a stone may hit the car’s surface and can develop scratches. The constant sunlight exposure may also fade the paint. To avoid all these problems, we need a coating on our paint. So, the best coating is wax. You will get many benefits by spending very little money. The other means of layer include the ceramic coating. No doubt, ceramics are also best, but the prices are high. Those coatings may not come under everyone’s affordability. Therefore, coating over paint is necessary.

How to wax chalk paint with a rug?

How to wax chalk paint with a rug

You can apply wax on surfaces using a cloth or rag. This article is all about how to use the rag properly.

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Step 1: preparation          

The very first step includes the preparation of the surface. The practices include the regular cleaning of the vehicle or any surface you want to apply the chalk paint. Clean the surface with water and let it air dry. Please do not use any material to clean the surface because there are chances that it can leave dirt. Once the surface has been cleaned, apply the chalk paint. Always remember to work in small sections.

Step 2: Apply the wax.

Once your paint is thoroughly dried, the next step is to apply the wax. There are certain things you need to keep in mind that resin does not stick with wet paint. So make sure that your chalk paint is completely dried.

Step 3: Apply in larger sections.

Apply the wax in larger sections. Take a rag and start applying the wax by moving the rag into a circular motion. Do not apply a lot of pressure. Using the two much pressure can distort the paint. Keep moving their rag with a gentle push.

Step 4: Apply two to three coats

Apply wax over chalk paint with rag

Apply at least two to three coats of wax on the surface.

If you apply a single layer, chances are there that water can penetrate it to the chalk paint. On the other hand, if you use an excess of wax, it can attract dirt. We do not want both complexities to be happening. Therefore, we will apply a thin layer of it.

Step 5: Some precautions

Do not apply the three coats one by one. The wax does not settle on the wet paint; similarly, the one coat of wax does not settle on the 2nd coat. Therefore let the first coat dry, and then apply the second one. It is a proper method to apply the wax using a rag.

Step 6: Why Rag?

You can also use that close to applying the wax. But using a rag will give a lustrous and Sheen look. It will provide an attractive look to viewers.

Compare using cloth and rag for waxing.

It’s all about the results we want to have. Cloth is an ordinary material, and it might not bring you the results you want. On the other hand, rag makes you sure that it will produce lustrous shine and sheen.

So, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The professionals suggest the use of rag over cloth, because of its performance.  

FAQ’s of waxing over chalk paint

FAQ's of waxing over chalk paint

What happened if you apply the wax with a rag using high pressure?

The chalk paint is susceptible to high pressure, and if you apply the wax using a rag, and you should be careful. Do not apply the pressure while rubbing the full stop because it will disturb the layer of pain. Stop the rag is a hard material and tends to destroy the paint if misused. It is why deal with it gently and make sure that you’re not applying too much pressure.

Otherwise, the results can be disastrous. You don’t have to take these professions while wearing the cloth. Close is a delicate material and does not disturb the paint.

What happens if you put too much wax on chart paint?

While applying the wax on car paint, you should be moderate. You cannot use too much wax either you cannot apply less wax on the job painting. These conditions are hazardous to the painful stop because you will not like to attract the Direct as that wax access draws it.

Similarly, applying a thin layer of chalk paint will let the water penetrate through it. So, you have to be very precise and very careful while using the wax on chalk paint. The best way is to apply a moderate layer of wax on the chalk paint. Let the first coat of wax dry and apply another one. Similarly, use at least two to three coats of wax.

How long do you wait to put wax on chalk paint?

Let your paint dry completely. Then apply the first coat of wax on chalk paint. There should be a 24 hours gap between using the first and 2nd coat of wax. The first coat of wax will brighten the saturation of the paint. The second and 3rd coats of wax will not affect that paint much.

The first coat of wax is primarily for giving shine to the paint. At the same time, the 2nd and the third coat of paint are used for protection purposes. They will not brighten the paint. But they will indeed protect your chalk paint when a stone hits your car. Also, they will not let the sunlight fade the job painting.

Why is my chalk paint coming off when I wax?

You might feel the peeling of paint while waxing. It is possibly due to the mistakes you have made while doing the waxing. You did not clean the surface well. There is something on the paint that is repelling the paint.

Or that thing is not allowing the paint to adhere correctly. The other reason includes the intensity of temperature. It might be 60 degrees outside when you are applying the wax. So it is natural that your wax will not stick with the paint. To avoid these situations, clean the vehicle surface first.

Then apply the wax. Apply at least two to three coats of wax one by one with a particular duration.

Is it necessary to apply wax?

Yes, it is indispensable. It saves the original paint from scratches and sunlight. Also, it saves much time and money. Another coating requires your time, money, and effort. Wax is cheap and easy to apply. So, you must go and get your car waxed. Waxing requires no professional person.

You can do it simply by yourself using cloth.


We have studied the whole article about how to wax chalk paint with a rug. We hope that there is no ambiguity left in your mind. We will take a short review to explain what we have studied above. The most important thing is the method of rag to wax your surface. Just don’t apply too much pressure on the chalk paint. The rag will disturb the job painting.

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