How to use Cirepil blue wax at home

We know that doing wax is the most innovative way to remove hair from the body. There are many waxes available in the market right now. Among all these, Cirepil blue wax is best. Here we will discuss that how to use Cirepil blue wax at home.

The Cirepil blue wax is tough on hair and gentle on skin. The areas with tick and short hair require special wax. For those areas, Cirepil blue wax is specially designed. The best use of Cirepil blue wax is underarm, bikini zone, back, and chest.

The wax is very flexible and remains flexible once it dries. There are no breakings when we apply the wax correctly.

Is Cirepil blue wax good to use?

Yes, it is excellent for many areas, especially the sensitive areas that require wax sensitivity to the skin. Many waxing professional persons use the Cirepil blue wax for underarms and Brazilian waxing. It requires not a very high temperature for heating.

You can heat it at a slight temperature. Moreover, for client convenience, it contains oil. So, we can say that it is good to use. We have collected reviews from clients, and they’ll have given a favorable report about it. So, if you are hesitating in using it, don’t be.

Benefits of Cirepil blue wax

Benefits of Cirepil blue wax

Benefits of Cirepil blue wax


The very first thing you will love about Cirepil blue wax is it is economical. It is economical in terms of both time and money. Up to two to three times less wax than other body brands and compared with traditional wax. It gives 100% effective results.


The second thing you will like about the Cirepil blue wax is its quality. It is one of the finest wax ingredients using wax. Hard wax, soft wax, sensitive add hypoallergenic waxes, moisturizing and natural, and scented and unscented, all perfectly diverse and suitable for all body waxing treatments.


Everyone wants to have the best results. In the case of Cirepil blue wax, it ensures that it will give the best results ever. The area with short and thick care requires special wax. And there is no best choice other than the Cirepil blue wax.

How to use Cirepil blue wax at home

How to use Cirepil blue wax at home

The use of Cirepil blue wax is straightforward at home. Apply a wax layer in the direction of hair growth. For this purpose, you can use a disposable wooden stick or spatula.

Now pull the strip in the opposite direction to the hair growth, parallel to the skin. Do not forget to apply the oil After removing the hair. Using oil makes the skin softer and gives relief from pain. Follow all the precautions to have the best results.

Tools needed to use Cirepil wax

  1. Oil
  2. Spatula or wooden stick
  3. Ordinary soap to clean the skin
  4. Cirepil blue wax

How to apply Cirepil wax

How to apply Cirepil wax

Step 1: Clean the skin

Clean the skin well using soap. Wash the skin with water and rub the soap over. Clean the skin and dry it with a clean towel. In case the clean towel isn’t available, air dry it.

Step 2: Apply the wax

Take the wooden stick or spatula and start applying the wax. Try to use the wax in the opposite direction of the hair. Don’tDon’t apply the thick layer of wax; instead, try to build a moderate layer of wax. Leave a tip at the end. This lip will help you to pull up the wax. Once you have applied the wax, wait for some time.

Step 3: Pull the wax

The third and final step is pulling the wax. Hold from the lip you just made and pull the wax-up. It will remove the hair from the root. Don’tDon’t be so robotic in applying the force. Just put normal pressure, and that’s it.  

When to use Cirepil blue wax

When to use Cirepil blue wax

There is a proper time when you should use the Cirepil blue wax. For example, if your hair growth is less than 1cm, you don’t need to use Cirepil blue wax. Certain conditions signal you to use the wax. Moreover, use the Cirepil blue wax when hair growth is about ┬╝ of the inch. That’sThat’s a proper time to use the Cirepil blue wax.

Additionally, Cirepil blue wax is best for thick hair, so use it on the bikini area. My advice to you is that it’s not the product that gives the best results, but it’s the proper method. So, follow the suitable process.

FAQ’s of Cirepil wax

FAQ's of Cirepil wax

Is Cirepil blue wax suitable for Brazilians?

Yes, it is best suitable for normal to oily skin. While going through its history, I would like to tell you that it was made for oily skins primarily. Apart from the exposed skin, you can use in or underarms and Brazilian services. The new Cirepil blue wax designs have the potential that can remove hair of any length and texture. It has simply nothing to do with the height or width of an inch. Also, it will not affect the skin. That sounds cool. The Cirepil blue wax approximately provides all the services, including the Brazilian services, so use it without hesitating.

How long does it take for Cirepil blue wax to melt?

The melting varies from wax to wax. For example, if you have bought the product from a trusted site, it will melt in 20 minutes. It should note that if a product is being famous, the market starts making fake copies.

So beware of the documents. If you have bought the original product, it will take about 20 minutes to melt. The vaccine touching the side of the tin will be dissolved with a small island of beads in the center.

Note down to 4.5 to 5.0 and start the wax. So, before having great results, it is mandatory to buy the original product.

Does Cirepil blue wax hard?

I think if you have the intention to remove the hair from the root, it will hurt. Every kind of wax broke. But I think it hurt a little less than other brands. It is due to the solid here edition. If you take another brand of wax and Cirepil blue polish, you will notice that redness will be gone within minutes after each section was done in the case of Cirepil blue wax.

I have personally used it, and I am thrilled with the results. I have practiced the Cirepil blue wax on many people, including my daughter, and the results were surprising. It’sIt’s surely hurts a little, but that is much less as compared to other brands. Also, it does not affect the skin and does not leave any sign of redness.

Is Cirepil blue wax better?

If you ask my opinion, I will recommend that you should buy the Cirepil blue wax. Cirepil blue wax is the easiest option when it comes to hair removal and waxing. If you apply the whole strip, you will remove the entire strip as well. It will strongly negate the use of the paper strip.

The paper strip can be messy and often cause more pain. This wax adds hairs firmly to both fine and coarse hair without sticking to the skin. Resultantly, the skin remains intact, and the hairs are removed.

What are some precautions while using the Cirepil blue wax?

The Cirepil blue wax is the easiest way to use. Some precautions include product originality. For example, if you are buying the original product, it is well and good. But if you are purchasing a copy, it will not give a good result, and you will leave nasty comments.

So be careful while buying the product. Other precautions include the applying method, which does not apply in bulk. Do not put a lot of pressure while pulling the strip.


We have covered the whole article about removing the hair using Cirepil blue wax. Cirepil blue wax is the super best choice when it comes to eliminating thick hair. Moreover, we always look for less painful options. It makes the Cirepil blue wax best again. Cirepil blue wax, do the work professionally and don’t take the process lightly. Anything can happen at any time.  

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