Why do we wax over wood

We perform different actions to beautify our woods. Applying the wax on wood is one of them. We use the wax on the wood to make it beautiful and also give it a shiny surface. The rough wood does not provide a decent appearance. Here we discover how to remove sealing wax from wood.

It looks intimidating in appearance, and you might feel hard on touching that wood. So, to cure this issue, we apply a layer of wax is over the wood surface. They give you slimy touch. You may need to remove that wax.

So you must be aware of the proper method to remove the wax from wood. I have done everything personally that I’m going to mention here. By the end of the article, you will be able to remove the wax from wood easily.

How to remove sealing wax from wood

How to remove sealing wax from wood

Things you’ll need

  • Surface cleaner
  • A lot of rags
  • Steamer machine
  • Wooden sticks


The very first step is preparation. In this step, take a cloth and clean the surface. Make sure that there is no dirt left on the word surface. If the wood surface is dirty a lot, you can use water to clean it.

Because when you apply the spirit after cleaning, the spirit will not perform its action until the surface is clean. So the cleaning of the surface is essential. It will now take longer. In just 5 to 10 minutes, you will clean it. If your furniture is new, wipe out a cloth on the surface.

Apply the spirit

In this step, we apply the spirit to the surface. Perform this task slowly. Tale, a clean cloth, soak it in the spirit, and rub it in a circular motion all over the surface. The corners are the places that are usually leftover. Spread spirit at least three times.

Once you have finished applying the spirit on the surface, use the second layer also. Remember that the first coat of spirit is dried, apply second. Rub the spirit at least three times over the surface.

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Use steamer

A steamer is a machine that produces steam. It has a long nozzle that produces steam. When the device is on and starts making the steam, bring its mouth close to the wax. The heat of the moisture will melt the wax.

In this way, you can remove the wax from the wood surface. You need to pay attention that when the wax is accumulated, removed immediately. For this purpose, you should have a lot of rags near you. Just heat the wax and remove it.

Repeat this process on all the wood surfaces. This is the easiest way to remove the wax from wood. In the corners, you cannot use the cloth.

So, wooden sticks are better to use in the corners. Please don’t delay in removing the wax, and it will get dry and stick once again.

Why do we wax over wood?

Why do we wax over wood

The rough wood does not give a shiny appearance. It is only possible with the use of some material like paint or wax. Paint is a good option, and waxing over paint makes the perfect combination.

So, it would help if you adopted this. Moreover, to give the furniture a slimy and beautiful look, we do wax on it. After doing wax, you’ll notice a shine in the woody material. Doing wax isn’t costly at all.

Moreover, it is not difficult at all. There are simple rules you need to follow while doing waxing. The procedure is easy, and the results are stunning. 

Can we wax over chalk paint?

Yes, you can do wax over chalk paint. It is the most recommended one. Waxing over paint protects the paint from damage. A stone might hit the wood surface. It is also possible that some fluid may spill over paint.

To prevent all these, it is best to have wax on chalk paint. You need to apply two to three layers of wax over chalk paint, and the job is done.

FAQ’s sealing wax removing

FAQ’s sealing wax removing

Do mineral spirits remove wax?

The petroleum distillates, which include the category of mineral spirits, remove the wax. We know that furniture wax products are usually made up of wax, so there is no best solvent. But naphtha works the fastest.

Using this spirit, you will see that your wax bond is the weak link with the bold surface. It is because of the composition of the product. There are also many other spirits available in the market. An alternative to naptha is toluene.

Does vinegar remove the wax?

Yes, the vinegar dissolves the backs. Many people make the mistake of cleaning wax surfaces with vinegar. It’s slowly but gradually breaks the bond between wax and wood.

So you will end up removing wax from the wood surface. If you buy a quality product, it is mentioned that not to use vinegar on it. If you want to remove an old court of wax, you can use vinegar. So, for cleaning purposes, you should use a cleaning material.

Will wax come out in the wash?

No, wash does not remove the wax. Washing is not the solution to remove the wax. Well, it might remove the wax to a small extent but not completely. There are certain things you will need to remove the wax, which include baking pepper close with candle wax on it and iron. Baking soda helps in removing the wax from the wood surface.

Does spirit remove wax?

The wax remains intact while using the spirit. Spirit has no impact on the polish at all. Instead, it is just used to clean the surface. In most cases, when you want to remove the wax, you tend it first with the spirit.

It removes the dirt and any other particles from the wax surface. Spirit is used for cleaning purposes only. It does not react chemically with wax.

What does Steamer do?

A steamer is a machine that is used to melt wax from the wood surface. While using Steamer, you need to remember that there do not let the nozzle stay for a long time near the wax. Otherwise, it will make the black stain on services. Move the streamer nozzle rapidly on the wax, so start removing the melt from wood using a rag. The Steamer is not an expensive machine.


We have covered the whole article about cleaning the wax on the wood surface. We hope that there is no ambiguity left in your mind. All you need to do is work with patience. So we have mentioned every single care in the article, so we hope that there is no question left about how to remove sealing wax from wood. Still, if you have any queries about the procedure, re-read the article. The overall process is easy, and you need to use the Steamer with care.

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