How to remove paste wax from furniture

The woodwork doesn’t present a goof sight. Its foes need a finish. In the case of woodwork, we opt for painting it. The painting does both jobs. It saves the woods from damage as well as gives shine. To paint on the furniture, you need to remove the paste wax on it. In this article, we talk about how to remove paste wax from furniture. For further processing, we remove wax to the paint. There are many wax removal tool available on the market.

Similarly, paste wax also provides shine to woodwork. We apply it on the surface using cloth or rag. The concept of paste wax isn’t new. We are using paste wax for centuries. It is a thick material that we constantly buff onto wood until the vibrant shine appears.

How do you compare beeswax and paste wax?

Many people believed in the past that beeswax is the only good wax. But that’s not true because we had then only the bee’s wax. But nowadays, many waxes are available in the market. Technology has evolved and added many ingredients to the waxes.

So, the waxes available today have much more benefits than in the past. Paste wax is an excellent tonic to shine on the furniture and woodwork. Moreover, it is easy to apply. There is no comparison between paste wax and bee wax.

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How to remove paste wax from furniture?

Removing paste wax from furniture

Paste wax is easy to apply, and even you should be technical enough to peel it off. Here we’ll tell you the safest method to remove the paste wax.

Things you’ll need

  • A lot of rags
  • Spirit
  • Naphta
  • Denatured alcohol

Steps involved in the removal of paste wax

How to remove paste wax from furniture


Before you start removing the wax, you need to remove the dirt from the surface. Clean the surface with a simple cloth or damp cloth. Don’t let any debris ruin your process.

Use vinegar

The second step is the use of vinegar. Apply the vinegar on the surface using a rag or cloth. Vinegar has the natural ability to weaken the bond between wax and wood.

Apply the vinegar on all surfaces and start rubbing it. It will partially remove the wax. Make sure you have many rags new to you.

Keep massaging in a circular motion until the rag begins to turn brown. When the rag changes its color, change its side or change the entire rag.

Rubbing a brown rag means you are transferring the wax from one side to another side.  So, there is no use. Pay special attention to the corners of the wood. These are the places usually leftover while removing the paste wax.

Apply the denatured alcohol and spirit

Both of these will thoroughly remove the wax from the wood surface. The working formula is once again the same. Don’t rub the same rag at the same place again and again. Keep changing the cloth or sides, at least. Don’t apply too much pressure while applying the rag because it may damage the paint underneath, so avoid it.

Which thing can you use as an alternative to spirit?

The steamer machine is an alternative to spirit and vinegar. It produces hot steam, which gradually melts the wax from the surface. After the wax is melt, you can remove it from the wood surface with ease. Wax is susceptible to heat and tends to melt gradually. It gives an idea about placing the wax in more excellent places soon after applying it.

FAQ’s removing paste wax

FAQ’s removing paste wax

What does remove the wax immediately from the surface?

There is no magical way to remove the wax from the surface. You have to be patient in either way. Freeze the wax and remove it from the surface using a butter knife. The frozen wax will create strong bulk layers that become easy to remove.

The problem appears that knife may disturb the layer. Other ways include the use of a steamer. Steamer produces heat which removes the wax from the surface. Moreover, different ways include the treatment with vinegar.

Will acetone remove the paste wax?

Yes, acetone can remove the paste wax from the surface of the wood. Take acetone and spill it on the cover containing the wax. The acetone will become hard. Now removing acetone means removing the wax.

Take a scrubber and start removing the wax off the surface. It is an excellent method of removing the paste wax from the surface. It doesn’t harm the surface of the wood. You can remove the paste wax easily without any vulnerability. Moreover, try not to use the steel stick. Do your best to use the wooden bar to remove the paste wax.

Does paste wax wear off?

No, the key to success is the layers of paste wax. It is traditional wax. We apply it on wood in bulk. It takes a longer time to apply. Therefore, it takes longer to remove it from the surface. It lasts longer.

If we compare any other wax with it, it might be an ancient yet effective one. You don’t often need to remove the paste wax from the surface. The reapplication time varies from 6 months to 8 months. If we apply it, keeping in mind all precautions, it lasts longer than usual.

Does mineral spirit remove wax?

The petroleum category, which includes many products, dissolves the wax. This category contains Naptha, spirits, toluene, and petrol. And for the paste wax, there is no best tonic than naphtha. It readily weakens the bond between wax and wood surfaces. It would be best if you used it for a better experience. 

Is the steamer machine good to use?

Yes, it is the best tonic to remove the wax from surfaces. But if you don’t know how to use it properly, it might get difficult for you to use it as it can disturb the paint or burn the wood.

Last words          

We have covered the whole article about how to remove paste wax from furniture. We hope there will be no question left in your mind. The thing you need to follow is that not to harm the structure of wood.

You can remove the paste wax by any means you want, but try removing it with extra care. The best method is a steamer machine. If you don’t know how to use it, try YouTube. Using it in the wrong way will burn the wooden surface.

So, use it righteously. Paste wax lasts longer if applied carefully. Therefore it might take some time to remove it. Be patient, and don’t lose patience.

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