how to get wax out of cat fur

We all have experience of having cats as a pet. Cats have a special ability to create problems and mess. The situation goes worse when cats try to play with the candle. The wax of candles gets intermingle with the cat fur. It’s a common problem that you should know how to tackle. Today, we’ll tell you about how to get wax out of cat fur. Other problems like a burn from candles may also occur. If it doesn’t happen, be fortunate.

This article is not only for the cats. If you experienced getting wax into your hair, you will learn how to remove it.

How to get wax out from cat fur?

how to get wax out of cat fur
  • Just before you start removing the wax from the cat’s fur, you need to know about certain things.
  • Check the amount of candle wax trapped in the fur. A small amount of wax is easy to remove. The area of damage also matters a lot. If the face isn’t damaged then be thankful. Try to access the all area carefully.
  • Check carefully the kind of wax entrapped in the cat’s fur.
  • Just don’t start removing the candles of the frightened cat. Make your calm first.

Pet clippers:

It is very clumsy to remove the wax from the cat’s fur. So, you might need to trim the hair. Therefore, you will need a pet clipper. The wax will not wash away even you drain it with an excess of water. There are clippers in the market specially designed for cats. You can buy one from the market.

Preparation to remove the candle wax:

The very first thing is to check the extent of the damage. If the underneath skin is damaged, you don’t need to trim by yourself. Just visit a doctor instead. Still, if you tried to trim the hair, it could be very painful for your cat. It also damages the skin. Notice, if the burn is just to the hair, and then keep trimming the hair.

Use cutting machine

Don’t set your cat free while trimming the waxed hair. The pets are afraid of machines. The cat will try to run away from the machine leaving the process incomplete. So, this is not a one-person process.

Take help from friends or family to hold the pet gently. I am warning you again not to hold the cat so firmly to be afraid of it. A frightened cat will never help in the process. Instead, it will produce horrible sounds that could frighten you.

Trimming the hair

Trimming the hair

Animals have natural guts to sense the environment. Don’t be panic while trimming the hair. Your cat will sense the danger by itself. So, keep doing the process while remaining calm.


Your cat might look weird after this process. Trim down the hair in a stylish way to minimize the effects.

Keep the candles away

Try not to let the same incident happen again. Keep the candles away from the cat at safe distance. There is no safe place for cats. Better is to cover the candle using a glass cover.

FAQ’s removing candle wax from cat fur

Is candle wax toxic to my cat?

Yes, unfortunately, the candle waxes are extremely toxic to inhabitants. They can set the house to fire. If there is not a person who is taking care, the cats can burn themselves. We know that a cat’s hair tends to catch the fire. The whole house is at the risk. In other words, your cat can set your whole house on fire. So, keep the candle cover with a glass stiff lid.

Can I remove the wax from the cat myself?

The answer varies and depends upon the situation. If the skin is not burnt, you can remove the wax. On the other hand, if the skin is burned, removing wax could be fatal for the cat. It can create a lot of pain for the cat. The cat will escape as she can’t endure the pain. So, try to figure out the wound first. For deeper wounds, visit the medical care unit. If the wound is not deeper, trim the hair that contains the wax. Try to keep the cat calm in all processes.

How to keep your cat calm while removing the wax?

This is the most frequently asked question. All the animals have the natural ability to read the panic on the face. While trimming the hair, keep calm. Don’t show panic on your face. The cat will read the panic on your face and will try to run away.

So, be patient. Cuddle your cat in a friendly way. Another best method is to distract the attention. Give your cat your favorite food. While the cat is busy with food, you can continue your process. These are few methods that can keep your cat calm.

Which oil can help remove the stubborn adhesive from cat fur?

Certain oils can help you to remove the adhesives from cat fur. Even if the candle’s wax is entrapped in the fur, you can remove it using oils. These oils are vegetable or canola oil. They both break the bonds among the adhesives and surfaces and make them free. Applying the oils is very easy. Just spread out the oil on fur. After some time when oil is completely soaked in the fur, rub it with a cloth.

Does vinegar help to remove the wax from the cat’s fur?

It partly helps to reduce the bond strength among fur and wax. But it doesn’t completely break it. Applying the right amount of oil is helpful to remove the wax from the fur partly. Take a cloth and pour vinegar on it.

Figure out the area and rub the hair with a cloth. If it doesn’t bring the result the first time, try another time. Keep rubbing repeatedly until it weakens the bond. Now, you can remove the wax partly. It will just remove the bulky wax, not the wax attached with hair firmly. For that wax, you’ll have to trim the hair.


We have studied removing the wax from the cat’s fur. Well, there is no safe place to keep the candle away from the cat. The cat will approach sooner or later. Try to keep the candle in a box. Cover it with a lid.

Despite the care, if the wax gets entrapped, no need to panic, there is always a solution. Just follow all precautions of how to get wax out of cat fur. In simpler words, don’t be panic, and try to keep yourself cool and calm. Make your cat friendly with you.

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