How to fix a wax warmer 

If your wax warmer cannot melt waxes, you need to test it and find out what’s the problem. After finding a problem, you need to repair it. Is your warmer not working or slower than before? If so, read the full context, how to fix a wax warmer at home, to fix it yourself. 

There are some steps to follow to repair the wax warmer as well. Usually, a wax warmer is connected with electricity than heated by a bulb. As a result,  it melts your waxes. 

To fix a warmer, we’ve gathered some methods and steps to do at home. I recommend you wear hand gloves before starting the job. I hope there is nothing to say before touching the job. So let’s get started fixing an electric wax warmer.

Why did my wax warmer stop working? 

Why did my wax warmer stop working 

I like to share with you some important points about what cases wax warmer stopped working. Generally, warmer can suddenly be stoped for an electric problem. If so, check it out and replace it again. If not, it can be a bulb problem. 

If suddenly stoped, you may check the bulb. There are different bulbs for wax warmer. I recommend you to use a bulb from Scentsy. This bulb could make your warmer work well. The Scentsy bulb is designed for wax warmer. 

If still not working, you may contract with Scentsy product care. Cause all of their products to come with a lifetime warranty. I hope this number will help you out. The customer support number for Scentsy: 1-877-855-0617 Monday to Friday from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm MST.

Why does my Scentsy warmer won’t melt?

Why does my Scentsy warmer won't melt

There are a couple of causes your wax warmer isn’t melting. At this time, I’ll point out those things below step by step. You can easily look up to your warmer and check out what cases are available in your warmer for not melting. 

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The temperature can affect your wax warmer. So, check out your room temperature is too cold or not. Also, look at the bulb that is strong enough to melt the wax.


Sometimes warmer placing could be a cause of not melting. Don’t place your warmer next to the door, window, freezer, and fan. So you may consider changing the location as well. 

Bulb wattage:

The most important point is bulb watt or choosing the right bulb for warmer. Any types of bulbs are not working in warmer. 

Wattage is very important for all warmer. You can’t use a higher wattage or lower wattage bulb than what is recommended to use in your warmer. 

Changing the bulb:

In this step, the placing is okay,  bulb wattage is exactly fine, the bulb still working,  but warmer still can’t melt. What do you do about this problem?

Now is the time to change the bulb. Sometimes the bulbs still work, but it doesn’t provide enough temperature to melt the wax. If so, you may change the old bulb and recheck it’s working better or not. 

Replacement of the warmer:

Replacement of the warmer

We’ve noted 4 important points that can really work. When you notice the warmer temperature, room temperature, bulb wattage, reset with a new bulb and placing everything is fine but warmer doesn’t melt, you’ve to replace the warmer. Maybe it has manufacturing defects. 

Replacement is another investment! Don’t worry at all. A piece of good news for you, authentic Scentsy wax warmer comes with a lifetime replacement warranty against their manufacturing defect.

How to fix a wax warmer 

How to fix a wax warmer 

We’ve noticed that the electric wax warmer sometimes doesn’t work or suddenly shut off like not plugged into the electric socket. If it happened with your warmer, you need to repair it. And it is not too hard to fix it. Follow these steps below and repair your warmer. 

Step 1: Test the warmer. 

Unplug your warmer and open it carefully. Remove the bulb from the warmer. Check if it is good or not. Also, check the cable to see if it connected properly. 

Step 2: Replace the bulb light.

If the bulb is damaged or not lighting, you might have to change it. After changing the bulb light, the warmer will be okay. But some causes bulb light look like still fine. In this case, you may check the temperature of the bulb. If it is low, bring a new bulb and place it.

Step 3: Check out the bulb brand

To be safe, you must purchase a Scentsy bulb designed for a warmer. Other normal bulbs may not work.

Step 4: Make sure the electric plug is not loose

Ensure that your connected socket works as well. Check out the wall socket properly. If not good, change the outlet. 

How to repair a warmer that doesn’t melt properly?

How to repair a warmer that doesn't melt properly

Suppose you found a warmer that is fine with everything but doesn’t melt the wax properly. Some wax melted, and some not. In this case, follow these options to upgrade your warmer. 

Check the bulb:

At first, check the warmer light bulb. Now, the most important thing is bulb wattage. For Scentsy warmer, you’ll need a 15-watt bulb. 

Moreover, for the medium warmer, such as the oldest cupcake, or hokey pokey warmers, you’ll need a 20-watt bulb. And for the standard size warmer, you’ll need 25-watt bulbs. 

Get the recommended bulb:

Get the right size bulb at Amazon or repair storage or local supermarket shop. Carefully replace the bulb with a warmer. 

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