how to Applying Annie Sloan Wax

Today I’ll present you how to buff Annie Sloan wax on your furniture. The chalk paint wax is a brand you might hear of before. It makes chalk paint waxes and has worldwide customers. The wax is applied after the paint job is done. The wax protects the paint in many ways. It saves the pain from fading by blocking the UV rays.

Moreover, the smears that may destroy the paint are avoided and blocked by the wax. The Annie Sloan wax is very beneficial for car paint. There are two kinds of Annie Sloan wax, hard wax, and soft wax. Soft wax makes a loose bond with the color. Hard wax makes a stronger bond. Both kinds have their advantages and disadvantages. The Annie Sloan wax provides sheen to the car surface. By regular use of wax, the car’s exterior shines.

How to apply Annie Sloan wax?

You can easily apply the Annie Sloan wax on the car surface as we have described earlier that it has two types. To use the soft wax, take a cloth and gently rub it over the surface. Apply at least two to three coats of soft wax on the car’s paint.

Many people ask about the difference between soft and hard wax. The primary difference between both is that while we do the soft wax, it will not remove the scratches from the paint surface.

The hard wax can remove the paint from the car’s exterior. The hard wax has the disadvantage that it can destroy the color because it needs a lot of pressure to move the cloth on the car.

Step to buff the Annie Sloan wax?

how to Buff Annie Sloan Wax

Here is a list of steps given below. Do you know how you can apply the wax to your car?

  • Before you start waxing, keep in your mind that you’re just going to apply a layer. Therefore do not apply too much pressure.
  • Allow the paint to dry.
  • Remember to work in large sections before using the chalk paint or wax brush to start waxing on the surface.
  • Do not forget to leave any part.
  • Take a cloth, go over the wax surface and remove the excess wax.
  • The dark paint wax will dry within 24 hours. It will take at least two weeks to cure.

Benefits of Annie Sloan wax

Benefits of Annie Sloan wax

Priming and sanding

Let us discuss painting. We know that painting the surface is tedious work. It requires a lot of preparation work. But in the case of vaccines, you don’t have to do anything like that. No priming and sanding are needed at all.


You can use the Annie Sloan wax on a variety of surfaces. Apply the Annie Sloan wax on walls furniture and all possibilities. Not only inside the character is, use it on the outside surfaces too.

The world-leading expert makes the paint:

No doubt, just read the history of Annie Sloan.

Colors: Annie Sloan provides a lot of colors. The endless colors offer versatility as well. The product comes with at least 42 bright colors in a wide range of tones and hues stop, but the best part is that you can mix all the colors to have new colors.

It provides versatility for your projects. You will be surprised to hear that they have two different types of white to help painters decide if they want a more vintage or more modern feel. I think that is the peak of customer satisfaction.

Made by the artist for artist

Any salon he has studied the fine art for several years, Just focusing on the decorative painting. So she prepared the colors that artists make for the artist.

FAQ’s of Applying Annie Sloan Wax

FAQ's of Applying Annie Sloan Wax

How many coats of Annie Sloan wax do you need?

Generally, you need two to three coats of paint. And then, you need three coats of Annie Sloan soft wax for protection. There are certain things to keep in mind before applying there any coat.

Do not apply the next layer before the first layer is dry. While applying the On new paint, use the soft wax. The soft wax can make a good bond to the color. Apply the hard wax only when there are scratches to be removed from the paint surface.

Is it still clear wax beeswax?

Yes, it is made up of a combination of natural carnauba and beeswax. The wax is easy to apply because of the consistency of soft margarine. This still is very colorless and has very little odor. It is water repellent too.

Therefore you can use it in kitchen cabinets and room tables. As it is made from natural ingredients, there is no harm in it. We know that beeswax is digestible wax. If your kid or a pet happened to eat it, there is no need to worry.

What happens if you don’t wax chalk paint?

You have to be very careful while applying the wax on chalk paint. If you don’t use the wax on the chalk paint evenly, it can create many messes. We know that the chart paint surface is very porous. It can attract the water. If there is not an adequate coating on the chalk paint, water can penetrate.

Applying too much wax on the chalk paint will create a bulk. This bulk of wax will attract the dirt. That is why you should be precise. By applying a small amount of wax, it will allow the water to penetrate through chalk paint. So, be careful.

Can I paint over Annie Sloan wax?

Yes, you can apply the paint over Annie Sloan’s wax. There is no issue with it. Even you can use the color on the same day. Before painting, make sure that your paint wax shouldn’t be sticky. If the wax is a little bit dry and non-damp, paint the wax. It is entirely normal.

What is better, paint or Annie Sloan wax?

Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. According to my experience, waxing is better than painting. Waxing saves money, waxing saves time, and above all, it is easy to apply.

Moreover, waxing doesn’t need any preparation. For painting, you have to do a lot of practice. There is no need to sand the surface for waxing. Waxing dries quickly. The factor most people see is the cost. Wax is much cheaper than the paint job.

Last words

We have studied how to buff Annie Sloan wax in detail. Annie Sloan wax is far better than any paint job. It applying 2 to 3 coatings to the paint job is best for the surface. It gives shine and smoothness. Appropriately using the wax saves the surface from scratches, smears, and swirl marks.

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