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Liming is a special technique we do on exposed timbers. Imagine you have stripped an item from wood, the underneath wood would be disappointing a lot. In such cases, we do liming over woods. Spending your precious money on buying furniture is awesome but not taking care of them is not awesome. Here in this article, I will show you how to apply liming wax on your furniture.

We also spend a lot of money to paint the furniture and surfaces we like. The next goal is to shine the surfaces. We use different methods to protect the paint and shine them. These methods include ceramic coatings, waxing the surface, and liming wax.

The lambing bags are white wax which creates slimed effect on hardwoods. The words generally the rough appearance. To reduce this rough appearance, we use lambing wax on bold surfaces. In this article, we are going to study liming wax.

How to apply liming wax on furniture paint

how to apply liming wax

The very first step is preparation. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry, and free from previous finishes. You can start applying the liming wax with libron liming brush. Open the grain with a Libron bronze liming brush. Do not use the same brush over different surfaces. On softwoods like pine, a wire brush is good

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Application of the liming wax on furniture

Application of the liming wax

Apply liming wax onto the wood with Lebron ultrafine steel wool or a cotton cloth. Don’t leave the excess of wax. Give it at least three minutes to dry.

The white haze creates problems sometime, so remove it with a cloth. In case of water-resistant finish required, use liberon finishing oil.

Commonly a single coat of wax is not enough. Therefore, apply a second coat of liming wax. Before applying the 2nd coat, let the first coat dry completely. The more coats of oil are applied, the greater the water resistance. Having many coats of oil will shine the wood as well.

Is liming wax available on Amazon?

Yes, the liming wax is available on Amazon with following description.

Liming Wax

liming wax

The product is available with the following unique characteristics. The lemon bags league specialty wax. It produces a wide grained finish. If you want to make vivid colors, it is very helpful. It creates a piece that appears to have been painted and stepped.


The product is amazing and it is so easy to apply. Just clean your surface and take a cloth, rub the liming wax on the wood. Let it sit for three to five minutes and slightly wipe away any extra. It will give extraordinary results in a short time.

No matter how old you are furniture is, it gives the same result.

The effect of lambing wax increases day by day. It does not let the surface become dull over time. Instead, it creates a shiny appearance with the passage of time.­


It stinks very badly in the start. If you are allergic to foul smells, it’s going to be really bad for you at in start. Once it gets dry, it leaves no smell.

It might not work on the sealed cabinets.

FAQ’s of liming wax

FAQ’s of liming wax

Can you use liming wax over paint?

Yes, you can install the lambing wax on paint to have a great look. If you’re worried about your paint, apply three layers of liming wax. These layers not only will protect the paint but also give it a shiny look. Apply liming wax over paint in one step and you will have a new fresh surface. Especially the newly painted furniture requires to be waxed made for furniture only. There is no best wax than Lime wax made for the furniture only, so try it once. It will help a lot.

Does liming wax protect the word?

We often see that insect attacks the woods from the exterior. We can’t take any measures to prevent the insect attack in past but now we can. If we apply the wax to the exterior of the wood, it will prohibit insect attacks. The second major hazard to wood is the weather. The weather readily destroys the wood texture. To discourage these phenomena we apply the liming wax. So it saves the wood from both insects and weather hazards. In this way, the liming wax performs its job in the protection of wood and furniture.

Can you apply liming wax without sanding?

Yes, for liming, sanding is not a crucial process. It is done to extend the life of liming wax. Otherwise, if you don’t sand the surface, it’s just OK. In the case of the truly quick makeover, you can skip the sanding portion. Just apply the liming wax over the surface and finish it. It will lighten up the stain and look beautiful that way as well. The preparation for lambing wax is necessary because it helps the liming wax to last long. Otherwise, it is not as necessary or it is not part of liming wax. I will suggest you free your time for preparation. We cannot apply wax over surfaces daily.

Can you use liming wax over varnished pine?

There is no limitation of using wax over surfaces. You can use them on any surface including oily, painted, and varnish. It will give similar results. If we extract an item from wood, it gives a bad look. In such conditions, liming wax becomes necessary. It creates a great outlook as well as makes the surface shine. So, don’t be hesitate to use the liming wax, install it on any surface you want. After applying the liming wax, it is good to polish it with oil. It makes the surfaces look shiny.

How to apply the three coats of liming wax?

Always apply the three coats of liming wax one by one. There should be some time gap while applying of second coat of liming wax. Do not apply the second coat until the first is completed dried. The liming wax is resistant to wet surfaces. Therefore apply it when the furniture is completely dried. The application of liming wax is quite simple unless you make it a headache.

Final thoughts

We have covered the whole area about liming wax. Buy the product from a trusted site. If you buy a copy, it may not give the proper results. So, you will be among those who leave the one-star rating. Well, that’s not the company’s mistake. No matter which method you choose, just buy the original products. I hope how to apply liming wax article help you to waxing your furniture as well.

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