How to Apply Hard Wax on Face, Bikini, Legs, Underarm, Back, and Chest

People use different tools to remove hear from body. Shaving and waxing are the common ones. Most people prefer shaving due to the procedure. Shaving doesn’t hurt you at all. But the disadvantage of shaving is that the hair regrows very fast. Also the hair grown is stiff. Do you actually know, how to apply hard wax?

On the other hand, the wax hurts but the results are awesome. The re-growth of hair is very low. Now let’s talk about the hard –wax. The hard wax is thicker than the soft wax and works by hardening on the skin.

Once the wax is hardened, you can remove it with your hands. There is no need of waxing strips. This makes the all process less painful.

Best way to Apply Hard Wax 

How to Apply Hard Wax on Face, Bikini, Legs, Underarm, Back, and Chest

There many ways to apply the hard wax, but we’ll tell you the quickest one and smartest one. Take advantages of coming on the right website.

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What you need

  1. Wax
  2. Pre wax oil
  3. Stick and pressure

How to Apply Hard Wax on legs

How to Apply Hard Wax on legs

Clean the legs before applying the wax. Remove any dirt from the legs. The best way is to wash the legs and clean them up. Do not use towel or any cloth to dry them, let them dry naturally.

  • Take a pre wax oil to protect the skin. The pre wax oil also creates a barrier between skin and wax.
  • Heat the hard-wax in microwave. While heating the wax, star it slightly to cool it down.
  • Take the stick and pressure, start applying the same direction of hair growth. Try your best try to avoid the breakage. Do not forget to create a lip at the end. The lip will be helpful for removing the wax from body.
  • Just wait for about 5 minutes to harden the wax.
  • All the wax from lips, pull the wax off in opposite direction of hair growth. Do this process to all desired area.
  • Apply an ingrown serum once hair is removed.

How to Apply Hard Wax for Brazilian

How to Apply Hard Wax for Brazilian
  1. Buy the right wax: There are multiple copies of the wax available in the market. Only buy the right product. Using an online platform can be risky. Go to the trusted store to buy the product.
  2. Heat the product:  Do not fully heat the product instead make it warmer.
  3. Clean the area:  Do not forget to pre clean the area. Use either soap or water in the shower, Android thoroughly.
  4. Stir and test the wax before applying. You should do the process constantly while you work.
  5. Apply the Hard Wax for Brazilian: Start applying the wax on the body before confirming that the hair are of right length. You should aim for around 1 / 4 inch of growth. If the hair is too long, you will have to face massive amount of pain.
  6. Spread the wax on your hair: Do not spread as a whole, instead work in sections. It is better to start with inner thighs and work in back.
  7. Repeat the process:
  8. Repeat the process to have even better results.

Safety tips when applying hard wax

Safety tips when applying hard wax

There are certain safeties tips which we need to remember while waxing our body. The possible waxing saps are infections, burns, and oppression. There are few things that you need to remember.

Prepare your skin and here to be waxed for this purpose for this purpose, gently exfoliate with a mild scrub. This practice helps loosen existing ingrown hair. Before you start doing wax, clean the skin well.

Use a soap to scrub. The wax will not add on the wet air either. Use a clean towel to dry the area. Better is to use a talcum powder. If the hair growth is more, cut the hair first.

FAQs of applying hard wax

Do you apply hard wax against the hair?

Many people ask that what the reason to use the hard-wax is? If you have a rough skin and stiff hair, hard wax is good for you. We apply the hard-wax against the hair.

Apply the wax in the hair growth direction and rip it parallel to the skin against the hair. This practice can give the best results. Using the high quality hard wax can care for the skin efficiently.

How can we prepare our skin for hardbacks?

Preparing for the hard wax is very important. The very first step is to clean the skin. Use soap to clean the skin and wash the skin with a clean towel. Using pre wax oil is very necessary. It saves the skin from harsh effects of hard wax.

In the next step, preheat the wax and make it warmer. Do not make it hot enough. Apply the wax in sections on the body. Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. Rip the wax while holding from the lips.

When should I pull off hard wax?

When should I pull off hard wax

The hard wax takes about 10 minutes to dry. Do not pull out the wax before it dries completely. When you notice that the wax is hardened, pull it off in opposite direction. Repeat this process on all the desired areas.

It is better to use an ingrown serum. But use ingrown serum only when the hair is removed. The hard wax don’t get hardens on the wet hair. So, if you wash the skin, make sure to dry it completely. Don’t use a dirty towel. I will recommend air drying after you have washed the skin.

Is hard wax painful?

Among all the waxes, hard wax is less painful. We can apply the hardbacks on small sections only. Moreover, there is no need of sleep. Just apply the hard wax on skin and leave a lip on the end.

Moreover, hard wax leaves no sticky residue. So you can clean it with much ease. All these things favor the use of hard wax. Just rip the wax off as it gets hardens. All other waxes require stripping. The wax process which involves stripping is very painful. 

Is hard wax bad for the skin?

No, hard wax isn’t bad for the skin at all. If you are having a delicate skin, you might feel a difficulty to rip the strip. In such cases, use the recommended wax. Hard wax dries faster and harder. Don’t use on delicate skin.

Last Thoughts

We have studied each and everything about the hardbacks. We will take a short review about it. The hard wax is not made for the delicate skin. If you are having a delicate skin, consult with your doctor.

Use only the recommended wax for delicate skin. Among all the wax, the hard wax is best option due to certain reason. The hard wax makes the waxing process less painful. There is no need of stripping at all.

Moreover, the wax dries out quickly in just five to 10 minutes. You can rip the wax off the body and have the desired results. Applying the hard wax in small sections gives marvelous results.

Make sure you buy the right product from the right platform. The most preferable method should be buying from a trusted store. In case you are buying it online, use a trusted site like Amazon.

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