How much does a full body wax cost by gender

In the modern era, waxing is the most common and popular way to get rid of body hair. The method is quick and time-saving. Some people consider shaving as an alternative to waxing, but it is not. This is because the waxing rips the hair from the root, but shaving removes them superficially. Now I have a question, how much is a full body wax? Let’s see the pricing list of full body wax.

So, this article is all about waxing. We’ll discuss and everything about the waxing. The wax has mainly two types, hard wax and soft wax. So, you don’t need to wonder about the waxes.

Hard wax is usually used for the areas like the bikini line, and soft wax is usually used for the larger areas like legs.

Full body wax pricing by wax name

Here, we’ll discuss the waxes for different body parts, like face waxing and bikini waxing.

Face Waxing Price

Face wax cost

Face waxing is being used widely. It implies the application of wax on the face. The wax gets hardens over the hairy areas and rip the hair out of the face. Applying the wax on the face, waiting for it to get hard and then pulling up in the opposite direction is the right way to do waxing. You can use any wax on the face, but you should use facial waxing to achieve the long-term benefit. The facial wax gives you the long terms smoothness.

One myth that circulates is that using the wax makes your face hairier. That’s not true at all. It has been seen that constant use of wax makes the hair on the face thin and less noticeable.

Wax NameWax Price ListWaxing Time
Lip wax$1215 minutes
NEW FULL FACE$5030-54 minutes
FULL FACE TOUCH UP$4545 minutes

Bikini Waxing Pricing

Bikini Waxing Pricing

The bikini wax is used on the bikini side. The deep down of the bikini side needs hair to be removed. The waxing can give long lasting results. Shaving on the bikini side makes the area rough, and black.

There are multiple shapes of the bikini waxing. You can adopt any of them. We’ll discuss the wax names, price list and timing for the wax here below.

Wax NameWax Price ListWaxing time
B IKINI OVER DUE$3615 minutes

Body Waxing

Body wax price

The full body wax includes the legs, under arms and upper lips. All of these mentioned areas are waxed accordingly. The time varies depending upon the kind of wax being used for the specified area. The full body wax is painful and depends upon the threshold.

Wax NameWax Price ListWaxing Time
UNDER ARM$25 15 minutes
HALF ARM$3315- 30 minutes
FULL ARM$4530-45 minutes
HANDS/FINGERS$1015 minutes
LOWER LEG$3830 minutes
UPPAR LEG$4030 minutes
FULL LEG$7330-45 minutes
NECK$1215 minutes
STOMACH$2015-30 minutes
CHEST$2515-45 minutes
BACK$3215-45 minutes
SHOULDER$2015 minutes

How much does a full body wax cost by gender

How much does a full body wax cost by gender

Full body wax price female

The full body wax pricing includes the different areas to be waxed. Here is a table below to mention the pricing .

Wax NameFull body wax price for female
Hollywood Bikini$55-60
Hollywood Bikini Series of 5$235
Virgin Brazilian$85-100
Maintenance Brazilian$70-85
Maintenance Brazilian Series of 5 $325

Full body wax price male

Here are the prices for full body wax for males.

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Wax nameFull body wax price for male
Brow Wax$20-$25
FULL ARM$40-$55

Benefits of full body wax

Benefits of full body wax

The whole body had multiple advantages we’ll discuss below.

Slow growth: as compared to shaving, the regrowth of hair is very slow in waxing. As the waxing removes the hair from the root, it makes sure to slow growth. 

  1. If your hair growth rate is faster, you can enjoy the results of waxing for three to four weeks.
  2. Rashes: The shaving blades are rough, and shaving may cause rashes. But waxing has no such issue. It smoothens the skin and keeps the skin fresh.
  3. Itching: The Waxing has the most significant benefit in that it says goodbye to itching. On the other hand, shaving makes the skin rough and may cause itching.
  4. Uncertain regrowth: A good waxing of the entire body makes sure that not all the hair will grow at the same pace again.
  5. More OK growth: The shaving cuts the hair. The newly grown hair aftershave has blunt faces; on the other hand, the new hair comes as a whole if we wax. It is because the waxing removes the hair from the follicle. The new hair is more delicate.
  6. Ingrown hair: Ingrown hair cause problem for the skin to the greater extent. But a specialist can wax the body areas and removes the chances of ingrown hair. These ingrown hair are very dangerous and cause inflammation to the skin.
  7. Reduced chances of cuts: People uses shaving as an alternative to waxing. But shaving makes cuts over the body. It would help if you were very careful while shaving; otherwise, the sharp blade can cut the skin.

Wax preparation

To prepare yourself for waxing, you need to follow some precautions. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Let your hair grow: Don’t go for waxing until three to four week has been passed. Ideally, you should have ¼ inches of hair growth and then go for a wax. You are growing more hair before waxing could be less painful.
  2. Avoid waxing when: don’t wax your skin when you are suffering from sensitive skin. Usually, a week before and after the menstrual cycle, the skin is susceptible. So, in that period, don’t apply the wax to the body. The experience could be painful.
  3. Avoid waxing before the occasion for the first time: when you are going to wax for the first time, the wax reacts with the skin and may cause redness and allergy. Therefore, avoid the waxing before going to an occasion of it’s your first time.
  4. Consult with an esthetician before waxing: Don’t forget to consult with your esthetician before applying the wax.
  5. Moisturize the skin: Before going for actual waxing, moist your skin with water. Then apply moisturizer and let it absorb in the skin.
  6. Pills: just before going to have waxing, take pain relief pills.
  7. Cover the moles: if there are moles and lesions on the body, cover them using strips. Such exposure can be harmful. So, cover them. Avoid sunbathing: soon after having your body waxed, avoid sunbathing instantly. The skin is sensitive soon after waxing, so try to rest in a shady area. Also, wear loose outfitters.

Wax maintenance

Here are steps you can follow to maintain the wax.

Moisturize the skin:

Everyone loves the moisturized skin. So, to have fresh skin after waxing, keep waxing from time to time. Moisturizing the skin hydrate the cells, and the skin looks fresh and new. So, for skin maintenance, a moisturizer is essential.

Be consistent:

To have the best results, be consistent. A regular wax can solve a lot of problems. Therefore, never miss your appointments. This is how you can maintain your wax. Regular waxing weakens the upcoming hair. So, gradually the hair becomes thin and more petite in number.

Avoid razor:

stop using the razor once you started using the wax. Razor damages the skin and also cause the hair to become blunt.

FAQ’s of full body wax

Is waxing safe for the body?

Yes, waxing is the safest method of removing body hair. Unlike shaving, the waxing rips up the hair from the root of the body. A proper way of getting wax can last for six weeks. The skin glows and presents a smoothen view.

What is a disadvantage of waxing?

The waxing has no physiological disadvantages except that the process is painful. The pulling of the strips rips out the hair from the base. This causes pain. Overall, waxing has more advantages than shaving.

Will waxing eventually stops hair growth?

A single waxing session leaves the skin smooth for six weeks. However, there is no such evidence that waxing leaves you completely free from hair growth. It has been noticed that constant use of wax may decrease the hair growth rate, but it doesn’t stop.

Does hair get thinner after waxing?

Yes, if the waxing is performed every three to four weeks, it makes the new hair thinner and more delicate. Because the waxing rips the entire hair, therefore it is better than shaving.

Is wax terrible for the private parts?

When it comes to pubic hair, people use different techniques like shaving, trimming, waxing and laser. These techniques can lead to the presence of ingrown hair. Therefore, cut the hair or let them grow.

Final thoughts

As we have seen, each and everything is about waxing the body. You can make your choices clear. Try to figure out which part you need to wax and which kind of wax will be good. Also, the prices are mentioned above. Moreover, follow the precautions to have accurate results. The men and women don’t have some type of skin; therefore, they don’t make a standard selection. The men usually use hard waxes, which women cannot use. So be careful while making the right choice.

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