How long does sugar wax last

Waxing has famous among people as a hair removal tool. There are multiple types of waxes in the market. Among them, sugar wax is one. No doubt, all the waxes give a beautiful sensation of touching the skin. Still, some polishes can provide smooth and shiner skin. The natural way to use wax is using sugar wax. Learn, how long does sugar wax last?

We make sugar wax from natural ingredients. So, if you are interested in removing the hair using the wax, try using the sugar wax. It yields longer results.

Before we explain further, let us tell you the meaning of sugar wax. Sugar wax is a natural process of applying sugar bases wax all over the skin. So, a slight jerk removes the hair from the body as well.

How long does sugar wax last

How long does sugar wax last

The lasting effect of sugar depends upon many factors. Like, primarily, it depends upon the hair growth rate of the body. Does it also depend on how long you are getting your body waxed?

If you attend the appointments regularly, there are chances that that hair growth will be slower.

With time, the sugar wax gives longer results. So, be regular to have a long-lasting effect.

If you have just started doing sugar waxing, it can last for three to four weeks. They are not a longer result than average waxing gives.  

Regular appointments are essential as they have these advantages mentioned below:

  • Regular waxing makes you free from pain
  • Regular waxing slows down the hair growth

So, if you stopped having the hair waxed regularly, you have to start from scratch. 

How long does homemade sugar wax last

The lasting period of homemade sugar wax depends upon the aftercare. There are certain things you need to remember. The homemade sugar waxing can last up to 6 to 7 weeks if cared for properly. The aftercare includes hydration. Keep your skin hydrated. Drink water from time to time.

Dryness of skin after waxing doesn’t give good results. It can lead to inflammation of the body. Following these precautions, you can have the long-lasting effects of sugar waxing.

Another essential factor is regularity. The more regular you are, the more results you can have from sugar waxing.

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How to extend the sugar wax period

To extend the sugar waxing life span, follow these steps:

How to extend the sugar wax period


Stay hydrated, drink water from time to time. Only hydration can glow the skin. On the other hand, dry skin may cause inflammation. It is how you can have a more prolonged impact from sugar waxing.


Use oil or moisturizer to keep the skin soft. The soft skin doesn’t allow the hair to appear quickly. Regularly apply the lubricant over the body.


 The most critical factor is regularity. The more regular you are, the lesser the chances of hair growth. If you are habitual of attending the appointment regularly, the development will be slower. There is evidence that after hearing the continual appointment, hair growth may stop. So, be regular to have long-lasting effects.

FAQ’s of Sugar Wax Lifetime

FAQ's of Sugar Wax Lifetime

1. Does sugar waxwork on pubic hair?

Yes,This wax is gentle enough to apply to the genital hair. Apply the wax wherever you want to have waxed. The exciting part of sugar waxing is that you can still use it even in your monthly cycle.

Not all waxes can be used in the period cycle. It is prescribed to utilise the waxed after one week of the process. Also, don’t use the regular wax before one week of the cycle. But there is no such restriction with the sugar wax.

You can use it anytime in the month. This is due to the ingredients it contains. It is made up of purely natural ingredients.

1. Is sugar waxing is more hygienic than regular waxing?

Yes, we have collected reviews from many people. All of them depicted that sugar waxing as less painful and easy to use. The sugar waxing is gentle and soft to the skin. It gives longer results. If you are getting waxed for the very first time, it can give average results.

Like, you may need to get wax after a tree of four weeks. But if you started doing the waxing regularly, you’ll notice less hair growth on your body.

1. Can I sugar wax myself?

Yes, you can see easily sugar wax yourself. This is only possible if you are going to wax the visible areas like arms and legs. As for the genital and lower leg, you may find it challenging to wax yourself. For this, you may need an appointment.

You can even wax yourself there but may lack the accuracy. Just apply the sugar wax to the hair. Apply the coat in the direction of the hair growth. Wait for some time till wax gets settled. Pull the strips and get the area waxed. Apply the wax only when the hair growth is ¼ inches. This practice will eventually stop hair growth.

1. Does sugar wax hurt?

Obviously, for any person using the wax for the first time, it hurts. Even if you buy new shoes, it hurt. But, as compared to other resins, the sugar wax is less painful. It is because it is made up of natural ingredients. Being very helpful, it can relieve the pain.

We have collected reviews from many people. The majority of them have preferred to use homemade sugar wax. According to them, sugar wax has a gentle effect on the hair. It doesn’t make the body feel heavy.

It feels soft to have the sugar waxing on the body. Pulling the strips causes pain, but that is much lower than other waxes. So, we’ll strongly recommend sugar waxing.

1. Does sugar waxing leaves small bumps on the body??

It is common to have bumps over the body. Yes, sugar waxing also develops red spots over the body. The small-sized red marks are visible on the body after waxing. They may create instantly or after one week. They aren’t dangerous, as they show the body’s defence system.

Final thoughts

Sugar waxing has a lot of advantages as compared to normal waxing. The regular waxing has some period. For example, you cannot wax your body before or after one week of the period cycle.

But the sugar waxing has no such limitations. Also, the sugar waxing is less painful. Regular sugar waxing eventually stops the body hair to grow. Keeping in mind all these advantages,  I strongly suggest using sugar waxing as regular waxing.

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