How long does Scentsy wax last

Extended office hours drain out all your positive vibes. At that time, you enter the home and find relaxing fragrances all around. Oh yes, that’s the dream. And Scentsy wax bars make this refreshing moment happen for you!

As you wonder what a Scentsy bar is, we bring you the answer. It’s a block of fragrant wax that comes in 8 units, easy to break-in. When you warm these blocks in an electric warmer, the wax starts to melt.

Thus, it releases aroma into the air. Stay assured that it won’t cause any flame or smoke, not even soot. You’re sure to find it better than those chemical releasing wicked candles. Refreshing scents are all that Scentsy offers.

It’s a non-toxic alternative to the old candles. You take out a few Scentsy cubes of wax, pop it in warmer, and feel the soothing aroma. After a while, a question builds up. How long does Scentsy wax last?

Well, your curiosity is sure to end with our findings. Scentsy wax can last long enough, from 50 to 100 hours in max. Let’s break into your dilemma and make it a worthy choice for you!

What is Scentsy wax made of?

What is Scentsy wax made of?

Well, an original Scentsy wax is made with a combination of secret elements. It always goes with high-quality food-grade wax that’s petroleum-based. You may know it as blended paraffin wax.

It has turned into a “Scentsy custom.” It’s because of such ingredients that make it unique. Paraffin blended wax can hold the fragrance oil for an extended period than expected. You’ll see its lower melting point that adds to the plus sides.

Thus, it heats up swiftly and starts to spread aroma in no time. However, if not exposed to heat, it stays firm and tight. Such wax doesn’t show any sign of toxin or chemical release.

Totally clashes with the old traditional candles. Scentsy warmers work to warm up these good-quality wax, melt them, and scents are out at room temperature. Voila!

How long does Scentsy wax last?

How long does Scentsy wax last exactly

Scentsy wax is a classic wickless candle that offers a great combo of wax and fragrance. All you need is to break it apart and add one or two wax cubes inside the warmer.

Hence, it’s ready to infuse aroma in your home. But it would help if you questioned the lifetime of a Scentsy wax. How long is it going to last?

Well, an entire bar offers a lifetime of about 50 to 100 hours, and till then, you can smell the fragrance. Again in the case of one cube, the lasting time seems to be 6 to 10 hours.

Certain factors settle down the endless hours of Scentsy. You’ll see hours of aroma infusion depending on:

  • Strength of your picked fragrance
  • Location of the wax warmer in your room
  • The humidity of the place
  • Yearly calendar and so on.

How to make Scentsy wax last longer?

How to make Scentsy wax last longer

If you want your Scentsy wax to infuse fragrance for a little longer, you can make it happen. Trust us! Here are 4 simple ways to make your wax last more:

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Switch your scents periodically 

It might happen that consistent use of the same fragrance gives you natural anosmia. You can combat it. Instead of using the same scented wax repeatedly, give a try to new ones periodically.

Scrape out wax

As you start to feel there’s no smell left out of your wax, you begin to worry. But there’s one thing to do. If your wax is still left with fragrance, you will soon start smelling it the moment you scrape out some wax.

Use a timer

How long does Scentsy wax last? You need to know to make it last longer. Get yourself a timer to control the fragrance releasing time. Set it in such a way so that you can turn off the warmer when your wax melts enough to spread fragrance.

Clean your Scentsy wax warmer

There’s a secret to getting the most out of your Scentsy wax. Never add a new wax cube when the old one is still left inside. It reduces your aroma time. Instead, clean the film of the wax covering your heater to ensure max release!

How long do Scentsy wax melts last?

How long do Scentsy wax melts last

If you’re curious to get the fact about Scentsy wax melt time, we’ve got a quick answer. Well, it’s expected to last between 6 and 10 hours for each cube on average.

However, how long is always a matter of time that can vary. It rests on the fact that how long you keep the wax melts burning per day. You’ll see 1-2 hours is long enough to bring out a pleasant smell.

After this period each day, you better turn off the burner to let your wax melt pack last long enough to linger aroma. Moreover, the size of the wax cube, the temperature of your warmer, wax burning time, and the quality of wax melts can prove your time consideration to swing up or down.

How long do Scentsy car bars last?

How long do Scentsy car bars last

Scentsy knows how to enhance your life at all times, delivering enchanting fragrance. That’s why it offers car bars too to make your car journey even more refreshing and fun.

But before you buy one for your car, you tend to question yourself about its aroma longevity. Well, to your surprise, a Scentsy car bar can last 30 days.

Thus you can go for quick tours or a long drive with a relief. It’s because you know that the fragrance is going to survive for a whole month!

How to use a Scentsy wax warmer?

How to use a Scentsy wax warmer

A Scentsy wax warmer is a piece of a decorative vessel to hold candles with no wick. Such wickless candles are wax bars with highly infusing fragrances. All you need is to warm your wax in a warmer gently.

But how? Stop worrying because we’re here to help you use your Scentsy wax warmer. Follow the steps as we say:

  • Firstly, put one or two cubes of wax in your warmer dish.
  • As you finish the first step, switch on the warmer.
  • No need to add any new cube until you can smell your wax fragrance.
  • Next, if the scent is lost, use a new cube of wax to remove the old one.

When you’re switching to a new wax, make sure you heat the old wax properly. After that, you’re free to discard it. Or, you can reuse it later. For that, you need to pour back the wax to your Scentsy bar clamshell.

What temperature does Scentsy wax melt at?

What temperature does Scentsy wax melt at

A wicked candle starts to burn at 1500 degrees on a Celsius scale. But in the case of wickless fragrant candles, the heat differs. Scentsy wax melts at a temperature of 51.6 degrees Celsius (125 degrees Fahrenheit).

It’s the heat you usually need to melt any paraffin dip typically. Well, you see, the Scentsy warmer heats the wax merely at a little more heat than body temperature. There’s a plus point for these low temp candles.

Such wax doesn’t evaporate in a warmer. Hence you get to breathe the fragrance oil only, with no wax particles or soot. Doesn’t it sound safer than those wicked flaming candles!

Does Scentsy wax expire?

Does Scentsy wax expire?

There’s no such thing as “a good wax” or “a bad wax” when it comes to Scentsy bars. If you didn’t get my point, let me rephrase. No, Scentsy wax never expires. It always stays intact.

But one thing in your wax may seem to lose as time passes. It’s nothing but your wax bar’s colors and fragrance oil. When you keep your Scentsy unused for a while, it longer infuses aroma as a fresh one.

So, we recommend using any piece of fragrant wax within 1-2 years of your purchase. As an outcome, there’ll be a risk of your fragrance expiring! Make sure you store it well.

How long do Scentsy Pods last?

How long do Scentsy Pods last

Well, the best news comes with the best product. Scentsy pods come with a fragrance diffuser that doesn’t spill only spread.

So if you’re using this one, you’ll be glad to hear that it offers a fantastic lifetime. You can infuse your entire home with a refreshing aroma for 120 hours non-stop with each Scentsy pod.

Isn’t it cool! For a better fragrance release, you can opt for a Scentsy Fan Diffuser. There’s no harm in using 2 pods of the same scent at a time.

How long do Scentsy fragrance flowers last?

How long do Scentsy fragrance flowers last

If you’re someone with an intense love for flower fragrance, Scentsy fragrance flowers make the perfect pick for you. It’s an elegant flower fragrance releasing scent with no pugging issues.

The flowers you see here are made using Sola Wood. As a result, it absorbs and retains fragrance oil for a long time. Thus, one Scentsy Fragrance Flower can last up to long 60 days at a stretch.

All you can sense is a refreshing scent to help you gain a relaxing day with zero trouble!

How long does Scentsy wax stay good?

How long does Scentsy wax stay good?

Scentsy wax is good; this term points to the fragrance releasing time of the bars. So you must be thinking, how long it can stay sound. Don’t worry. We’ve got the answer.

Once warmed, each Scentsy wax can last for 50 to 60 hours, scenting fresh and enchanting. After that, there’re high chances you’ll find its smell go low over time.

But what if you don’t unpack it and use it? Well, in that case, the packing states Scentsy wax can stay good for 1-2 years. It means it won’t expire.

However, you’ll find it going discolor and scentless. Time goes so does the fragrance goes away!

When should you throw out Scentsy wax?

When should you throw out Scentsy wax

Unlike the wicked candles, wickless Scentsy waxes don’t evaporate. They only dissipate scent. So, once you find out that it’s left with no scent or fragrance, you can throw your Scentsy wax away.

And start warming a new scent. But there’s a pro-tip the brand suggests. Instead of throwing it, you better dispose it back at its clamshell. This way, you can reuse the old one scraping it entirely.

Last words

Your home feels like heaven when you find it infused with enchanting fragrances. To make this heavenly home for you, Scentsy wax comes in handy. 

They’re candles with no wicks and evaporate fragrance oils continuously. Before, you used to get worried thinking how long does Scentsy wax last? But not anymore. 

Now you know your wax’s time limit. Be it your home or workplace. There’s no harm in warming these wax bars and feeling refreshing.

Let your Scentsy wax spread aroma with no burning flame or soot!

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