How Long Does a Wax Ring Last

You probably have heard about the wax ring. The wax ring serves as the cushion between the more complicated components. You can see the wax ring in the toilet systems. Near the exit hole of the toilet, it fits. It provides soft and pliable support between the more complicated components. Do you know, how long does a wax ring last?

The wax rings serve multipurpose. From making our lives comfortable to saving ourselves from foul odor, they are accommodating. The actual purpose of the wax ring is to provide an odor-less seal.

Purpose of the wax ring

How Long Does a Wax Ring Last

The prime purpose of the wax ring is to provide the seal. The wax ring offers an odor-proof seal for the toilet system. The sewer produces a lot of gases which can create a sense of being uncomfortable where you live.

So, we have to stop these gases from coming outside. The wax ring provides a seal. The seal prevents the gases from coming out of the sewer. These gases have a terrible odor as well as have harmful effects on health.

How long does a wax ring last?

Purpose of the wax ring

Every good toilet has a good quality wax ring beneath it. This ring has multiple purposes. The wax ring is supposed to last for as long as the bathroom lasts. But sometimes, the call can go dry, and we need to replace it. Usually, the wax ring lasts for about thirty years. An average of thirty years is a ­­fair period.

When the ring goes dry, it needs to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, it can create a stinky smell all around.

How do you know if you need to remove the wax ring?

How do you know if you need to remove the wax ring

Many people ask this question. We’ll explain it elaborately. Here are three signs that determine that we need to replace the wax ring from our toilet.

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The water around the base:

If you often see the water around the toilet base, the chances are that your wax ring is creating the problem. To confirm, clean the water using a towel. See the bottom on the second day. If the water is again there, you need to replace your wrong wax ring. Call the plumber for further inspection. Please don’t do it by yourself until you have expertise in doing so.

Bad odors:

Bad odors of wax ring

The most vital sign that confirms that your wax ring is terrible is the odors. If you smell nasty odors in the bathroom, immediately replace the wax ring. These odors are foul for your health as well as create an uncomfortable environment.

The sewer gases have nasty health effects. They cause severe injuries if you open a flam. Sewer gasses are highly flammable and cause an explosion. So, please don’t take it lightly once you smell the sewer gasses around you in the bathroom.

Reasons that damage the wax ring

Reasons that damage the wax ring

Usually, the wax ring doesn’t get damaged by itself. Age is not the reason, as they are made to last forever. It stays as long as the toilet does. But, sometimes, the adjustment of the toilet system may cause harm to the wax ring. For example, if the toilet is loose in its place, it can cause damage to the ring.

To tackle this problem, make sure that your toilet is firmly mounted. The ring also catches the damage if something wrong is with the flange. The low position of the flange will create space. The space will destroy the wax ring.

FAQ’s of Wax Ring

FAQ's of Wax Ring

How does a wax ring work?

To understand the working of the wax ring, we need to understand the position. The wax ring is mounted on top of the toilet flange. On the wax ring, the toilet is installed. The ring has a tight connection with the ground as well as the bathroom. The wax ring block the sewer gases coming from the pipe. In this way, it blocks the odor.

The tight sealing with the toilet doesn’t let the water from the base. It keeps the base area clean and dry. So, it is how wax rings works. The position of the wax ring is critical. If it is loose, it will create many problems.

Does a toilet need a wax ring?

Among all parts of the toilet, the wax ring is the most basic one. The bathroom is incomplete without a wax ring. Wax rings are multi-functional. It performs the following essential functions.

  • It saves the base of the toilet from water leakage. The water leakage creates a mess. Only tight sealing of wax rings can avoid it.
  • The odors coming from pipes have harmful effects on human health. Ring blocks all toxic gases.

Is there anything that serves as an alternate to wax rings?

Yes, we have heavy-duty rubber in the market. These rubbers serve as an excellent alternate to wax rings. Nowadays, wax-free toilets are on the market. The heavy-duty rubber is flexible enough to fit tightly on the floor. They don’t allow water leakage; also, they block the sewer gasses coming out of the s pipes. People can reuse Wax-free seals again and again.

Is It safe to put two wax rings in the toilet?

No, this practice is highly prohibited. If you tried to place two wax rings, they’d leak. It is not possible to create a strong link between the wax rings. The leakage among the wax ring will make a mess.

It will neither stop water leakage nor foul odors. The best practice is to install a single wax ring with proper methodology.

Should you use caulk around the base of the toilet?

It is good practice to apply caulk around the base. The caulk keeps the toilet secured to the floor. The bolts are also very helpful, but caulk helps to seal the ground properly. Even if the wax ring is not installed correctly, caulk can keep the base safe from water leakage.

Still, we recommend you that not to use caulk as the first strategy. Try to focus on the proper installation of the toilet and wax ring. After that, you can caulk from outside. It is a safe practice.

Final Thought

The wax rings have multipurpose in bathroom toilets. So, whenever you want to install a new toilet system, try to focus on the call. The ring is the introductory part of the toilet system. The toilet is not the thing we install daily.

So, do the process once and with proper care. Instead of spending money on air freshener later, try to hire a professional person to install the wax ring. It is how you can get rid of the water leakage.

On the other hand, buying a wax-free toilet system is also good. The wax-free toilet system serves as the best bathroom system because of zero risks of water leakage or foul odors.

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